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Our program has the highest number on constant enrolled middle school students than any other program I know of. On average we have 150-180 students that show up daily to hang with staff and their friends. Our eagles are involved with multiple programs that support our school such as leadership and sports. Our staff all have very unique personal connections with all of their students and is why they keep coming back daily. Our enrichment classes include but not limited to gaming/development, singing, video/editing, dance, cooking, music, podcasts, and so much more! Our students know that they are safe with our ECA staff and confide in each member for guidance as they navigate through this awkward time in their lives. Here at El Cap we are real and that is what makes us the best!

As we navigate through coming back to an in-person program, we highly encourage you to register your child into ASP. We strive to give each student the best and we’d like to continue by providing an amazing learning experience!!  Students will be able to connect with each tutor and program leads to receive that extra guidance they may need during this time. Click on our Bitmoji image below to learn more information about who your EXLP tutors are!!  🙂 

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