Shoe Painting

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my enrichment! This enrichment’s primary focus is on creativity! Students will be given a white pair of shoes and will be able to design them any way they would like. Students will be able to paint designs that will make their shoes original and one of a kind. All students will be given a pair of shoes, paint, paint brushes, and stencils.


Students in this enrichment class will have an opportunity to paint their own (provided) pair of white shoes! It is always fun to paint on our clothing and this way students will have a pair of shoes designated to get painted on without harming their regular shoes. Students will learn about the importance of paint mixture and how simple patterns can make a huge difference in their artwork to express their originality.

Quality Standard:

  • Clear vision, mission, and purpose         
  • Active and Engaged
  • Skill Building Youth Voice and Leadership 
  • Diversity Access and Equity

Let us know how we are doing. We work to continuously improve the quality of our After School Programs