After School program Enrichment

Welcome to my Enrichment classes. Through out the year we will be working on different, fun, interesting, and exciting projects. From getting creative with paint to helping the environment by creating your own bag. So excited for this new school year and can’t wait for you to join my enrichment class.

Make your own tote bag

In this enrichment we will be making our own tote bag. In California we are charged 10 centes for plastic bags, so why not save some money and also save the environment by making some reusable and very handy tote bags. 

Design your own cup!!

Customized cups are very popular currently. So know you can make your own, to carry with you and stay hydrated all day.

Letter to future self...

Imagine being out of high school and reading a letter you wrote to your self when you were in middle school. That could be very interesting and in this enrichment that what we are going to work on. For a couple days we will work hard on writing you’re self a letter and you will receive it after high school.

Pot Painting

Plants can lighten up a room so much. In this enrichment you are able to paint your own pot for any plant you want to add to it.

Water Coloring

Students will be able to have their own water color pallet and draw anything they would like. Water coloring is lighter than normal paint, so you can easily mix and blend colors in you painting. 

Let us know how we are doing. We work to continuously improve the quality of our After School Programs