Tutor: Mr. Ivan Sansores

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Digital Art Enrichment


Model kits have been around since the early 80’s and have continued to be a part of hobby enthusiasts around the world. Robot Model Kits come from Japanese animation culture of Giant Robots. These model kits are the leading examples of high-quality model kits around the world. The mechanics and ingenuity behind each kit is a remarkable work art that can be shared with anyone who builds these model kits. Unfortunately, these model kits come with Japanese instructions, but that has not stopped people from all over the world from building. Students will use their sight and reasoning skills to build each model by simply looking at the instructions and following step by step. 


Students will be able to build their own model kits.

Quality Standard: Identify any of the 6 points of service from the 12 quality standards. 

Youth voice and leadership 

Skill building

Safe and supportive environment

Active and engaged learning

Clear vision, mission and purpose

Quality staff

Vocabulary Terms:

 These are the terms the students will learn over the course of the activity. These terms should be embedded in your activity instructions so the tutor can know when vocab work will be used. 

  1. Directions 

2. Instructions

3. Collaboration

California Common Core Standards:  CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RST.6-8.3

Follow precisely a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks.

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