Garfield Elementary Expanded Learning Program

Garfield Expanded Learning Program (ELP) is the program to be at because we excel in many areas. Our Expanded Learning Program offers a variety of enrichment clubs, families events and the experience of a lifetime.

Our clubs are planned out to keep our students active and learning. One of the many clubs we have is our very own Bucket Band. The Bucket Band is is consist of 20 committed students. They come in daily to practice their drumming skills on buckets and performs at our annual Lights On event. Besides our Bucket Band, we have a fashion class that allows students to sew their own clothing, leading to a Runway Fashion Show. A few other enrichment we offer are cheerleading, Boot Camp, Animation club and many others.

Garfield Expanded Learning Program is special because we have many family events throughout the year. Every two months, our Expanded Learning Program invites our families to join us for a day. Families get to see why our students never wants be picked up early. At our Family Events, parents are able to participate in the class their child had selected such as Game Room, Do It Yourself class, STEAM class, Painting class or movie room.

Lastly, we not only focus on the fun stuff, but we make academic fun and engaging. This year, our school has selected to focus on Math. As a math component, we have subscribed to ST Math. This is a math program our student loves. Everyone is at their own pace. Students are wanting to be on the program during their free time.

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