Laton High School-Expanded Learning Program

Laton High School’s Expanded Learning Program (former known as ASP) provides the student community with student focused academic support, college-career readiness and enrichment activities aimed to teach valuable life long skills to students. The ELP staff believes this is necessary to promote effective college and career planning and overall well being of all Laton High School students. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to learn industry related skills which can lead successful career planning.

We also aim to encourage parents and other stakeholders to actively support ELP’s activities in order to improve the Laton High School’s Learning Ecosystem and ensure all students are prepared and empowered to be successful, self sufficient and contributing members of society.

We believe our Extended Learning Program’s activities allows students to develop a unique range of specialized skills and life skills which are taught by industry professionals, educators and community members who are passionate about serving students. Our activities are steered by quality standards, Social Emotional Learning Standards, Career Ready Practice Standards and California Common Core Standards.

Our enrichment activities challenge students’ to be engaged in a multitude of ways with hopes of promoting student responsibility to become life long learners and active members of their community

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