Our Program is a Cut Above!

Join us in the fall to be a part of our pioneering laser cutting enrichment class.
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Students have received care packages with all the supplies needed to make awesome and creative pages in their program-provided scrapbooks. Students have also had the opportunity to make online/virtual scrapbooks where the only supply you need is an internet-friendly device!

Macrame (virtual)

Learn to tie intricate and decorative knots, create wall hangings, and even functional plant hangers. Students learn how to dye their own cord with natural ingredients, and experience a lesson in plant care before taking their new living decor home!


We're exploring ads, brands, commercials, and tricks of the trade as students learn to make their own successful advertisements, ignore unhealthy media pressure, and make healthy choices that reflect their personal beliefs (Goodbye McDonald's?)


Titan Academy has our own private Roblox server for maximum security and privacy. Program students are given a user name, and are able to play games like "The Floor is Lava," our "Jurasic Park Maze," and many others! Join us Fridays for a full hour of Roblox on zoom!

*On Campus*

Students will be able to play against others at their level of expertise, while having the opportunity to improve, learn new strategies, and find out why this game has remained popular since the 6th century!

*On Campus*

Come spend some time learning how to get your point across! Learn debate strategies, and have fun arguing with classmates about everything from pop culture to abstract concepts.

*On Campus*

The classic schoolyard game is back for some great cardio and fresh air fun. Our kickball is oversized, making it twice as exciting and even more challenging. Come check it out!

*On Campus*

Being in person has its benefits! Hands on help with the same fun macrame projects, and even more opportunities to grow your skills and make new things!

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