Melody Montoya


My name is Melody Montoya and I am so excited about this year.  When I first started this journey our ELP was shut down because of covid.  My freshman group who we first served in 2019-2020 are now seniors.  Our ELP has been through so many challenges, but we are still here serving Laton High School. 

My goal this year to is train staff so I can pass the baton to one of them so they will continue the journey to serve Laton High School. 

We will continue to be focused on CTE, College and Career Readiness and SEL (Social Emotional Learning). 

It’s been a great journey. We will always be the first ELP to offer a Drone Pilot Program and I was the first to have a student become a Drone Certified Pilot and later offered an internship. 

I am so very proud to have offered unique opportunities in the Arts, Media & Entertainment Career Pathway.  

I am so honored to serve this wonderful community. I want to continue to see happy students who are full of life, smiles and passion. Let’s change this world one child at at time. 

“The most beautiful thing in the world is a heart that is changing.”

“Be Focused and Fearless in all your endeavors!”

Go Bruins beat ‘SC

My Programs

Soul Train Dancing

Fun and Amazing Dancing in the 80s.


Learn how to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.


Finger Lickin’ Good Fried Chicken Training.

Kung Fu

Learn how to be like Water. Bruce Lee.

My Gallery

Let us know how we are doing. We work to continuously improve the quality of our After School Programs.