Changing kids' point of view by using arts and crafts by through the use of their imagination and creativity in the classroom. By using the kids' vast imagination and creativity, we will be changing their points of view.


Use the power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to conduct amazing science experiments, engineer cool contraptions and better understand the world around us by using the power of science.​​


Through the power of KiwiCo, enhance and explore the amazing world of STEM with amazing projects where kids construct downright cool contraptions, diagrams, and science experiments.

Snap the Gap

Snap the Gap™ is an action-oriented program that uses three proven components to impact the gender gap in STEM: hands-on learning, a peer community, and mentor-ship.

NASA Academy

The Academy is designed to increase interest and involvement from our 1st - 6th grade students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. ​


Engineer and build cool robots to solve complex problems real world problems we face today, or have fun by learning and building to make a robot dance, or construct one to compete with others in friendly competitions. Now with the power of LEGO, the sky is the limit!


Through the power of and Scratch, kids will harness the potential of the computer where they will create their own interactive stories, games, and animations.