The first Worldwide Winter Parade was a huge success thanks to our Parent Faculty Club, our teachers, parents, families, custodial staff, and our principal Mrs. McCurley. The event, which took place December 16th at Saroyan, celebrated different cultures in our community and gave out activities and treats at each booth. Thank you all for being a part of this celebration! We hope you had a safe and happy holiday!

Upcoming thematic units


Self Awareness/Kindness

This month, we are working on self-awareness and kindness. We will be doing a variety of activities the incorporate kindness, self-reflection, mindfulness of others, and goal planning. Some activities include: relaxation methods, getting to know you activities, and goal planning for our students.


Art Hop - World Tour

For the month of February we are going to discover, study, and recreate multicultural art. We will cover Chinese New Year, Mexican folk art and dance, the history of petroglyphs, and New Orleans art and music. Students will create a Chinese dragon puppet, Mexican folk mirrors, petroglyph inspired rock paintings, and New Orleans style paintings.

enrichment kit dates

  • January 20, 2021

    Book Club books available in the library from 8:30-3:00!

Let us know how we are doing. We work to continuously improve the quality of our Expanded Learning Programs